Using your phone on the kitchen table or in your car, whether it’s to make a call, read a book, or take photos is an unnecessary risk, a new report says.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that, while it’s important to use your mobile phone when cooking, you should avoid it as much as possible.

And even if you’re not cooking, the report warns that it’s always better to avoid using your phone for anything other than eating or watching TV.

The FTC’s new report, Mobile Use in the Kitchen and Car, says that if you can’t use a phone in a certain situation, then your smartphone is not an adequate substitute.

It recommends that you avoid using mobile phones when you’re cooking, shopping, or using social media, or for entertainment or other nonessential uses.

The report recommends that the following guidelines are the minimum requirements for a smartphone to be an acceptable mobile device for use in the home: If your phone is capable of receiving calls, it must be capable of sending or receiving text messages.