On February 24, the Carolina Fitness equipment brand will launch a new line of workout apparel that will feature a range of workout accessories, including compression sleeves, compression boots, and a number of compression yoga mats.

The new line will be called Carolina Fitness and the company hopes that it will provide a new platform for the brand to grow and expand its market.

The company says that the new apparel line will have more “sports” in it than what you might see in the market right now.

“It’s about a new kind of brand, new type of experience, a new type the market has never seen,” Carolina Fitness CEO David Cates said in a press release.

“It’s an ultimate sports apparel line with fitness features that really are geared toward athletes who want to compete and excel.”

According to Cates, the brand will also have an “unbeatable” return on investment, making the brand one of the best-performing companies in the sports equipment industry.

“The brand is a big deal for us.

This is our biggest year yet.

We’re very proud to have such an incredible customer base,” he said.

The company’s launch comes on the heels of the company announcing the acquisition of an apparel company called Sportswear Group.

The sale of Sportswears to the company has not been announced yet.

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