If you have a new bike that’s not in the latest refurbished version of your bike, you could be spending money on a piece of junk.

This is why you should consider whether you should buy it, says British bike expert Richard Koeppel.

“A few years ago, if you went out with a friend, you bought a bike because it was brand new,” he says.

“The idea was that you’d get your friend a bike and get them back to the office and you’d have something for your friends to see.”

But the idea of buying a brand new bike can be a bit of a gamble.

“It’s not a very good idea to buy a new cycle if you’ve never ridden one before,” says Koeppel.

You can be buying a used bike that has had a few repairs done, which can give it a more rust-free appearance.

Or you can buy a used cycle and buy a brand-new one for less.

If you’re shopping for a used bicycle, you can always get an online bike store to help you decide.

“They can be very helpful,” says Ian Williams, who runs the Bikes and Cycling website.

He also advises that you don’t buy a bike if you don.

“You want to be sure it’s got all the right parts,” he adds.

You also want to avoid buying a cheap new bike.

“There’s no point in buying a bargain bike,” says Williams.

“If you’re looking for a brand, you should go for a good quality.”

If you don and you decide you want a used one, it might be worth a try to go to a used store to see what they have to offer.

“I’ve got to say I’ve bought loads of bikes and there’s a lot of value,” says Vicky Meehan, who owns a business called Bicycle Sales, in the town of Paddington, in Essex.

“In the past five years I’ve sold loads of used bikes.

They’re fantastic bikes.”

She suggests that you take the time to do a bit more research on a used product before you buy it.

“Before buying, I’m always checking out whether the seller has been using a bike before,” she says.

Meehaan suggests you do some research about the type of bike and where it came from.

“Most used bikes will be brand new but there are a lot that have been used by people who’ve got good collections,” she adds.

If it’s a brand you’ve got, check the company’s website and see what the name and number is on the frame and the saddle.

“This will help you make sure the bike isn’t a bad deal,” says Meehane.

She also says that if you want to buy something for a child, make sure they’re the right size.

“Don’t go in with a kid,” says Ms Meehmans advice.

“That’s the wrong advice.

Buy a kid.”

How to buy your next new bike What to look for: The type of frame.

This should be the same as the one you’ve had for a while.

“For a long time it was a fixed frame, but now people are thinking of changing to a fork,” says Simon Jones, founder of Bike UK, which specialises in buying used bikes for people who don’t have any.

“Some frames have new forks that are very comfortable and easy to handle.”

He also says it’s worth considering whether the frame is properly maintained.

“One of the big things is to look at the colour of the saddle,” he explains.

“Saddle is important.

The bike should be as well maintained as possible.”

He says that you should look at any seatpost or stem for any rust issues.

“Buy a saddle that’s been in the shop for a couple of years,” he recommends.

“When you get the bike, take a look at all the paint on the bike and the seatpost and saddle,” says Jones.

He adds that it’s important to check if the frame has been painted correctly before buying it.

You’ll also want a saddle for the bicycle, as these things are usually made by the same company that makes the bike.

If there are no saddle posts, you’ll need to buy new ones.

“New saddles are more expensive but the quality is usually better,” says David Linton, from the British Bicycle Trade Association.

“Make sure you buy one with the right colour and style.”

If the bike has a front rack, make an offer.

If the saddle is a fixed, the rack should be replaced.

“Put a new front rack on it and get it serviced and checked,” says Linton.

“Look at the paint and look at how it’s been used and what the rust is on.”

He adds you should ask the seller if there’s anything special on the rear of the bike you’d