As you might imagine, this isn’t just a farm issue.

The problem is the farm is being used as a trailer park.

The tractor’s tires are already being replaced and the trailer is no longer needed.

The owner is also moving out, and so are the animals.

But that doesn’t mean the problems aren’t being felt.

There are several different issues, from soil issues to issues with moisture.

So far, the owners have not received any of the equipment from a certified vendor.

The problem, according to Fox, is that the truck is not being inspected.

If it had been, the company could have made repairs, but instead it has been left to the tractor house to keep the tractor running.

In a statement, the owner said that the tractor was inspected after it was damaged during the winter and that it is now running properly.

The company also says that the trailer was never inspected and that they have not been contacted by the Department of Natural Resources.

A representative from the State Farm of New York said in a statement that the department will inspect the trailer, but they are not currently inspecting the tractor.

It’s a little bit sad, but I guess you can’t blame them for not having the equipment they need.

The trailer has been replaced.

The owner of the trailer says he plans to return to the farm next month to do some repairs.