In order to be fit for use, pool equipment should be inspected regularly.

This includes checking the water flow, temperature, and pressure.

In most cases, pool and spa equipment is repaired at home, but the following equipment may need to be replaced: A pool pool lift, a pool trailer, or a pool table that you install in your pool.

A pool lift is a device that allows a pool to lift water out of the pool and drain it back into the pool.

If the water level is too low, the pool can be drained to reduce the risk of injury to people or animals.

A drain valve, which helps stop water from flowing into the tub.

A water pump, which provides power to the pool when the water is drained.

A ball-and-socket ball- and-socket unit.

An adjustable ball-socket fixture.

Pool equipment must be properly maintained.

When you install a new pool lift or a new ball- socket fixture, you should inspect the water and pressure in the pool to ensure the fixture is operating correctly.

A leaky ball- or socket fixture can damage your equipment, which may result in a water loss.

If you are not sure if your equipment is safe to use, talk to your health care professional.

A licensed pool maintenance professional can inspect the pool equipment to make sure it is safe.

You can also check the water pressure in your equipment by using a water meter or a ball-valve meter, which measures the pressure of the water flowing out of a ball socket or a drain valve.

Do you have questions about pool equipment repair?

Call the National Pool and Spa Association’s Pool Repair Department at 1-800-828-4500.