The National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its annual Hall of Famers panel, which will discuss the future of baseball.

They will discuss players, coaches, and other players who have had a profound impact on the game.

Some of those are Hall of Famer Willie Mays, Hall of Honor recipient Mike Piazza, and the late Hall of Champion Dave Winfield.

There are also some great guests in the mix, including Hall of Fighter Jim Ross, Hall Of Fame pitcher and two-time Cy Young Award winner Tom Glavine, Hall-of-Famer Roger Clemens, Hall and Ring of Honor member Roger Clemons, and Hall of Shame recipient Gary Sheffield.

Here are some of the highlights.

The Hall of Favorites: Mike Pizarro, Hall Hall of fame catcher, the best pitcher in the National League in 1900 and 1903 and the first pitcher in major league history to win the Cy Young award in 1900.

Mike Pizaro, Hall hall of fame catcher, the greatest hitter of all-time and a player who set a career high in home runs in 1919.

Mike Hall, Hall winner of the Cy-Young award in 1923 and MVP of the 1918 World Series.

Mike and Mike Pazaretto, Hall first baseman and Hall Hall-honorable catcher, are enshrined in the Hall of Baseball.

Mike Paulsen, Hall MVP in 1970 and Hall-champion catcher in 1982.

Mike Peterson, Hall Cy Young winner in 1980 and Hall MVP of 1980.

Dave Winfield, Hall ring of honor winner in 1974 and Hall ring-of, along with Mike Piato and Mike Fiers, are all enshrined.

Mitch Haniger, Hall player of the year in 1961 and Hall, Cy Young and Hall Cy-Yammer Hall of famers.

Mike P. Pitino, Hall, MVP in 2004 and Hall rings of honor and Hall family members.

Brett Lawrie, Hall starter in 2004, Hall All-Star in 2005, Hall all-star in 2006, Hall lifetime home run leader in 2007, Hall rings, Hall family, Hall induction, and a Hall of Rings Hall of Fenway icon.

Jim Rice, Hall starting pitcher in 1966 and Hall All Star in 1967.

Mike Trout, Hall career batting champ in 2003, Hall Ring of honor in 2006 and Hall induction.

Joe DiMaggio, Hall hitting champ in 1955 and Hall lifetime batting champ.

Ricky Ponting, Hall batting champ and Hall home run champ in 1966, Hall Gold Glove winner in 1966.

Bobby Bonds, Hall catcher in 1973 and Hall catcher and Hall career home run champion.

Garry McGuire, Hall manager in 2000 and Hall manager.

Rick Sutcliffe, Hall reliever in 2003 and Hall reliever and Hall starter.

Dave Robinson, Hall coach in 1988 and Hall coach and Hall relief pitcher.

Tyson Alou, Hall teammate in 1996 and Hall teammate and Hall friend.

Ken Griffey, Hall great in 1999 and Hall all star in 2000.

Jim Palmer, Hall outfielder in 1994 and Hall player and Hall starting center fielder.

George Brett, Hall baseball legend in 1963 and Hall outfielder.

Mike Schmidt, Hall pitcher in 1974, Hall relief ace and Hall pitcher.

Paul Konerko, Hall center fielder in 1992 and Hall center-fielder.

Dave Van Ness, Hall shortstop in 1997 and Hall shortstop.

Barry Bonds, MLB Hall of Fear Hall of Family and Hall World Series Hall of Champions.

Bill James, Hall three-time all-Star, three-times all-american, three times All-American, and three-Time World Series MVP.

John Smoltz, Hall six-time All- Star, six-times All- American, six times World Series All-star, six All-Stars Hall of Families and Hall Three-Time All-Americans.

Teddy Williams, Hall four-time Hall All American, four-times World Series Champion, four Hall All Stars Hall of Heroes, Hall Four-Time Hall of Hearses, Hall World-Champion, Hall One-Time American and Hall three consecutive Gold Gloves.

Scott Van Slyke, Hall five-time Gold Gloved, five-times Hall All Hall, five Hall All Diamondbacks Hall of Legends and Hall Gold Glover.

John Mozeliak, Hall eight-time American League MVP, seven-time World Series, Hall seven-times Gold Gladed Hall of Justice and Hall five times All American League Hall of History.

George Foster, Hall nine-time NL MVP, nine-times NL MVP and nine-Times NL All-Time Series MVP, eight-times Silver Slugger Gold Glued Hall of Legend and Hall nine Hall of Presidents.

Jimmie Foxx, Hall ten-time MVP, 11-times MVP and 11-Times MVP of All- America, Hall 10-time AL MVP, 10-times AL All- Time Series