The use of distilled water and other chemicals in the production of chemicals has raised concerns about the safety of laboratory equipment and its chemicals.

In a bid to ensure safety, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has launched a campaign to educate people on the importance of safe laboratory equipment.

The initiative aims to dispel the impression that drinking and distilling chemicals is an activity for the sole purpose of making money.

The campaign, titled Safe Lab, will focus on the safety and efficacy of various laboratory equipment as well as its chemicals in various scenarios and scenarios when they could cause harm to humans.

It will also highlight the importance that lab equipment is used for the purpose of scientific investigation.

To promote safe lab equipment, the CDPCC has set up a campaign, ‘Safe Lab, for the common man’.

It is part of a larger effort to make sure the public is aware of the safety hazards associated with laboratory equipment that are used for research and development, chemical analyses, and pharmaceutical production.

The CDPCP, in a letter to government ministries, has also written to states and central governments asking them to make a commitment to ensuring safety of all laboratory equipment during research and clinical trials.