This is a guest post from the University of Queensland’s Department of Engineering and Computer Science.

I’m David Levett.

We’re using Google Maps to map out some of the equipment that is being used around Queensland’s coast.

The data will help us to map the growth of our economy, our infrastructure, and our local communities.

The maps provide us with the details about where we are in terms of the kinds of things that are going on.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a number of big equipment projects on the ground and we’re starting to see more of that.

We’ve been using Google maps to map all the big equipment project around Queensland that we know about and we’ve done this in a way that gives you an overview of the state and the infrastructure that’s in place.

This map was created using the Google Maps API and the data is available to view in the Google Data API.

We’ve also put together a handy guide to help you get started.

If you’d like to take a look at the data, here’s how you can get started:The projectWe’re looking at a number or big-ticket projects across Queensland.

In some cases we’ve put together an overview map to give you a good overview of what’s going on and the impact that projects have on Queensland.

This project covers all the major projects that have been under way around Queensland.

In some cases, we have more detailed information about these projects, but we’re only covering the major infrastructure projects that are currently underway in Queensland.

So the project covers the project that’s currently under way at the end of the day, and the next big project that is expected to start up is the large-scale project to redevelop the Royal Queensland Museum.

What you need to know about equipment surveysIn the first map, you can see that there are three projects in the region.

The first is the Queensland-built PPE Equipment Survey that is looking at the state’s infrastructure.

The second is the State Government-funded PPE Survey, which is looking to see how big a part of the infrastructure in Queensland is actually being built by the state.

The third is a new Government-owned survey that is taking a look around the rest of the country.

These projects are looking at where we’re in terms, what’s the state of the whole of Queensland, what are the issues around infrastructure in particular.

The big projects are the projects that will create jobs in QueenslandThe first project is the PPE equipment survey which is a survey of the various state-owned PPE suppliers and the contractors that have done the job of delivering the equipment.

The second project is State Government funding for the PCEQ, which means it has been paid by the Queensland Government.

The third project is a State Government funded survey of other infrastructure projects, including rail lines, airports, water and sewer lines, power lines, roads and ports.

The State Government has a number grants that it uses to fund its infrastructure projects.

It’s important to understand that the project is being funded by the State government.

The Queensland Government also pays for these projects.

This is something that we’ve heard before when we’ve talked to the Premier, for example.

The project includes a range of different equipment survey projects, from the state-funded one that will look at what infrastructure in the state is actually under way to a new state-run survey that will give a more detailed look at where the infrastructure is located and what the impacts are on the infrastructure.

What this project coversThis project looks at the infrastructure as a whole, which will include the State Infrastructure Plan, which outlines how it’s going to be funded and how it’ll work.

In terms of a project in its own right, this project will be looking at things like roads, roads that are being built, the roads that will be built, and infrastructure that is going to need to be upgraded.

The next project that will go ahead is the Government-managed PPE survey that was launched in December 2016.

This project covers areas in Queensland that the state has been looking at and has been putting a lot of thought into how to make them more sustainable and sustainable for Queenslanders.

The survey also looks at what is being built on the roads and infrastructure.

This will give us an idea of what we’re doing in terms that infrastructure is being maintained, what we have to do to make it better, and what needs to be done to make things run better.

The last project that we’re looking into is the new State Infrastructure Grant, which was announced in September this year and it covers a number infrastructure projects including rail line upgrades and the State Ports and Quarantine Authority.

The grant will cover a range, of infrastructure projects in Queensland, including road improvements and major projects.

This will give the State of Queensland more information about how the projects are being funded.

What we need to doWith these projects in mind,

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