The Nike+ Fitness Band is a $40 piece of wearable technology that’s going to come out this year, and it’s already proving popular with athletes.

The fitness band is designed to help you stay active, but it also tracks your exercise and workout history and can be used to track your health.

The band works by collecting information from your phone and sending it back to Nike+, the company’s mobile app that lets you track your workouts and fitness progress.

When you’re done, the Nike+ app will send the data back to you.

To get started, you need a Nike+ membership and an Android device running Android 7.0 or higher.

If you have a Windows Phone or an iPhone, you’ll need to upgrade your device to Windows 10 or iOS 9.0, or you’ll have to wait until the Nike+, app is ready for the device.

The NikeFuelBand, as it’s called, will also track the type of exercise you’re doing and the intensity of your workout.

The company promises the band can help you achieve your personal fitness goals by tracking your progress.

It also promises it’ll work with your smartphone or tablet, but we’ve yet to see the app work with a pair of smartphones or tablets that don’t support Bluetooth.

The new NikeFuel Band will be available starting April 6.

If your device doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection, you can download the app from the Microsoft Store.

The app will allow you to log your workouts, which can then be tracked on the Nike FuelBand app.

If the NikeFuelband isn’t compatible with your device, you have the option to purchase a Nike Fuelband for $49.99.

Nike+ currently sells the FuelBand for $40.

For $49, you get the same functionality, including tracking your activity, and the Nike+.

FuelBand will be coming to a few more Nike+ devices in April.

We haven’t heard much about the device beyond that, but there’s a chance it will make its way to the Apple Watch as well.

If this happens, the new Nike+ FitBand is expected to be released in the coming months.

Nike+, Nike+ members, and Nike+ owners can also expect to see a new version of the Nike Plus app, which will allow them to log their workouts and see what their activity level is in relation to the others.

The latest versions of Nike+ are available for Android and iOS, and they’re still available for purchase.

Nike has also confirmed it’s working on an upcoming fitness app, but that’s not expected until April at the earliest.