The NHL’s new Ice Challenge Program, which launched in the 2017-18 season, has become a major headache for the league, and the latest batch of results have a few potential health concerns.

The program, which was implemented in October, uses a modified version of the ice, which is set up to keep the puck in the net, but it has some additional challenges.

The first, and most important, is the use of “reloading” equipment to get players out of their skates before they leave the ice.

This equipment was introduced to the league in 2014.

While it may not seem like a big deal, it can be very hazardous to the players who need to wear them.

For example, the ice in New Jersey last season was so unstable that a player was forced to wear a mask to avoid getting a concussion.

That player, who also wore a mask, suffered a concussion that was not treated.

“Reloading equipment in the Ice Challenge is a big concern, especially for those players who are more susceptible to injury,” NHLPA Senior Director of Health and Safety Policy and Compliance Dan Mariani said in a statement.

“We are currently reviewing the data to ensure the appropriate protocols are in place to prevent further injury to our players.”

The players who wear the equipment are required to wear protective gear for the entire game, including helmets and face shields, but Mariani stressed that the equipment isn’t for use on players who don’t have helmets or face shields.

“It is not designed to be used in hockey practice and in the practice environment, and we do not encourage that,” Mariani added.

“The players are required by the NHL to wear all equipment that will protect them during the game.

The equipment is designed to protect the player in case of an emergency, but the equipment can also be used for training purposes, to allow players to get back into their skated gear in case they need to use a different type of equipment.

The NHL says it will continue to monitor the data and take action if needed. “

At this time, we do know that there have been injuries to players, and there are reports of concussions, but we do need to conduct further investigation to determine if these injuries are related to the use in the ice or not.”

The NHL says it will continue to monitor the data and take action if needed.

“While the data from the Ice Challenges is not yet available, we have already begun an ongoing review to identify any potential health issues,” the league said in its statement.

The NHL also announced that the league will be reviewing the equipment it uses for its “Ice Challenge” games and the equipment that is used for the regular season, which starts July 15.

“Based on the information provided to us by the clubs and the data we have gathered, we will be continuing to monitor all aspects of the program,” the NHL said.

While there’s no definitive data about the type of ice used for each game, the league is using the data it has gathered to assess the risk factors.

“This is a new and evolving technology,” Marini said.

“As with any new technology, it’s important that we learn from the experience and we’re looking at the data that we’ve gathered so we can continue to be proactive in our efforts to protect our players and the health of our players,” he said.

Here are a few other things to know: *The NHL will use data from this year’s season to identify the ice type that is most likely to have a concussion during the Ice Hockey Challenge, according to Mariani.

The data will be used to develop and implement protocols to limit the use by players during the season.

*In order to determine how the equipment is being used, the NHL will be testing the equipment and the level of safety, Mariani says.

“If it is not safe to use the equipment, then we will use an alternative equipment, such as a helmet or a face shield, to keep our players from getting hurt.”

The new equipment was designed to help keep the ball in the goal crease during the regular-season, but that was deemed too dangerous to use for the Ice League, which includes both hockey and hockey league players.

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