We know what you’re thinking: hockey gear isn’t cheap.

So we decided to find out what is the cheapest hockey protective gear in the world.

In our quest for the cheapest protective equipment we tested several popular brands and equipment types.

If you are looking for an excellent hockey gear set, then you might be surprised at the results.

The following is a guide to the best protective gear for the average hockey fan.

The goal of our tests was to compare all the protective gear available to the average person, whether they are a hockey fan or not.

As a rule, we only tested the best in terms of features, performance and cost, so that we can give a more accurate picture of the best gear available.

We took into account that it’s often very difficult to compare equipment prices when buying and buying from different companies.

We tested a wide range of different products and tried to give a fair and balanced comparison.

For example, our most expensive protective gear tested was the KHL’s Zagat Winter Jacket, which costs US$50,000.

The most expensive gear tested by our tests is the NHL-branded Hockey Stick Pro.

We compared the performance of the Zagats and the Hockey Stick Pros against each other to determine which of them is the most durable.

There are a lot of good choices, and we will try to include them in our list of the Best Protective Gear.

If we missed out any of the top-rated protective gear, please share them in the comments section below.

This article was originally published in October 2017.