An Arizona-based equipment supplier is making a “vision” eyewear for janitors that would give them an easier time at work, according to CNN affiliate WYMT.

The new “vision glasses” could potentially help make janitors more productive and better at their jobs, according Mark Cunha, a marketing executive with Avante Vision Systems in Arizona.

Avante has developed a “microchip” that could be implanted in a janitor’s ear to give him a visual cue to get up and move his hand, according the company’s website.

The “microchips” would allow a janier to identify and react to an object in his or her environment and could then provide the right corrective action to help prevent injury.

A few of the microchip designs are available now, and the company has a contract with the U.K. Department of Education to develop the product, according a company spokesman.

The company also is developing an implantable lens, which is also being tested by the U, but it has yet to announce its product’s exact price.

A spokesman for the U., which oversees the U and U.N. systems, told CNN that the agency was “not aware of any contract with Avente Vision” but declined to comment further.

The U.C. San Diego School of Medicine is one of several medical institutions that use Avantes “vision goggles,” according to its website.

According to the U-S Department of Defense, Aventes glasses could reduce injuries and provide a better understanding of battlefield conditions, especially as U..

S.-led troops prepare to leave Afghanistan.

The military is using Aventech’s “microChip” to monitor the progress of the troops in Afghanistan, according Lt.

Col. Brian C. Lappe, a U.F.O. spokesman.

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