Used and pro audio equipment, also known as home audio equipment or audio equipment that’s not built into your car, may not be subject to California’s car manufacturer liability insurance coverage.

California law requires that every car sold in California be equipped with at least one used audio amplifier, with a minimum amplifier of 20 watts.

However, under California’s Vehicle Code section 100-190, an owner can only deduct the costs of the used equipment if the vehicle has been sold and used in a manner that makes it reasonably safe to drive.

This means the car must be in the same condition as when it was purchased.

But the law does not say if an audio amplifier is “reasonable” in a given circumstance.

California has also amended the Vehicle Code to exempt used audio amplifiers and other used equipment from the state’s car liability insurance requirement.

But that exemption only applies to used audio equipment with a manufacturer’s warranty.

In fact, the Vehicle code is silent on this point.

It only provides that the following conditions apply to a vehicle that is not sold and is in a “fair” condition:The car must have been in use at the time the equipment was used.

It must have a reasonable expectation of safety for its occupants.

And the vehicle must have not been used in any way that would cause a reasonable person to doubt its safety.

If you have questions about this exemption, contact a local car dealership or repair shop.

If the car was purchased in California and has not been returned to you, your dealership or service shop may be able to help.

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