Two new models of luxury and sport utility vehicles are due to make their world premiere at Melbourne’s new automotive showcase, which will be unveiled on Tuesday.

A brand new luxury sports utility vehicle will be on show alongside the new Hyundai Icon, which has been named the “world’s fastest selling car”.

The Icon has seen a slight upgrade over the previous model and will now be priced at $29,900.

A new sports utility is also set to be on display alongside the brand new Toyota Prius Hybrid.

Both cars will be priced between $27,600 and $31,000.

The Hyundai Icon will be available to order online from August 24, while the new Toyota will go on sale from September 4.

The Hyundai’s performance has been recognised by the Hyundai Icon Awards as the world’s fastest-selling car with over 2 million pre-orders and a combined sales of over 5 million units.

The brand’s other high-profile model, the Toyota Priuse Hybrid, has also received a new name, “Hyundai Hybrid”.

Hyundai will be presenting its first vehicle at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) on Wednesday, alongside the launch of the Hyundai Prius Hybrid, the company’s first hybrid car.

The 2017 NAIAS will be the largest annual automotive showcase in the world and the biggest ever to take place in Melbourne.

This year’s show will be followed by a third, the NAIAS Asia Pacific, which takes place on February 6 and 7.


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