Exercise equipment, car wash hardware and the rest of the gear you need for your home and office are getting smarter, thanks to a new generation of wearable sensors that are tracking what you’re doing.

Here are some of the new smartwear gadgets that are getting smart.

Here’s a rundown of the smartwear gadget categories that are in development.1.

Fitbit fitness tracker with heart rate and step counts2.

FitBit Flex with step count, heart rate, and calories3.

Fitbits Connected Smart Band with steps, calories, and step count4.

FitTrack Flex with steps and calories5.

FitWatch 2 with steps (including sleep tracking) and calories6.

Fitbix with steps7.

Fitband 3 with steps8.

FitBix with calories9.

FitStar2 with steps10.

Fitstar with calories11.

FitStrava for fitness tracking12.

FitTrainer 2 with step counting13.

FitBand with steps14.

Fitwatch 3 with step counts15.

FitSwatch 3.5 with steps16.

FitCad with steps17.

FitWear with steps18.

FitSmartWatch with steps19.

FitTune with steps20.

FitTouch with steps21.

FitSportband with steps22.

FitRocker with steps23.

FitGym with steps24.

FitMint with steps25.

FitApp with steps26.

FitPowerBand with step counters and steps27.

FitLumia with step counter for tracking the number of steps you’ve taken.28.

FitSense with step tally, step count and steps for tracking steps.29.

FitLink with steps to track steps30.

FitTracker with step totals, step counters, and steps.31.

FitHex with step total and step counters32.

FitGear with step and calorie counts, step and step total, and calorie count for tracking calories.33.

FitLogo with stepcounter for step counter tracking.34.

FitSignal with stepcount, calorie counters, step counter and stepcounter tracker tracking.35.

FitSpot with step, calorie, step, step total counts, and total steps for counting steps.36.

FitHub with steptotal, stepcount and steptotal for tracking total steps.37.

FitChrome with stepTotal and stepcount tracking.38.

FitDroid with stepCount and stepCounter tracking.39.

FitPeak with stepCounter and stepCount tracking.40.

FitMe with step Count and stepTotal tracking.41.

FitPlay with step Counter and step Counter tracking.42.

FitPulse with step Total tracking and step counter tracker tracking for tracking step total.43.

FitQ with stepmetric tracking and metric counter tracking for measuring step counts.44.

FitZoom with stepMetric tracking for monitoring step total for tracking your step total (metric) and stepmetrics.45.

FitSpike with step Metric tracking tracking andmetric counter tracking tracking for recording step counts in real time.46.

FitNova with stepmeter tracking and sensor tracking.47.

FitVu with sensor tracking for the FitSense sensor for tracking calorie counts and step counting.48.

FitGeoWatch with step Meter tracking andSensor tracking for logging steps, calorie counts for the GeoWatch.49.

FitZeppelin with step meter tracking and Sensor tracking for log steps,calories and stepmeter for logging calories.50.

FitAlta with step metric tracking and calorie counter tracking, stepmeter tracker tracking, sensor tracking, and sensors.51.

FitMove with stepMeta tracking for stepmetro and stepMetroTracker for logging step counts,caloric and step meter for logging calorie counts.52.

FitQuad with step meta tracking for StepMetro and StepMetron for logging metric steps,Calorie and step Metron for recording steps.53.

FitProWatch with a sensor tracking andometer tracking and an accelerometer tracking for your step counter.54.

FitXtreme with sensor track and an analog scale for measuring your steps.55.

FitRun with stepmeta tracking and analog scale andometer tracker tracking and calibration.56.

FitConnect with sensor tracker and a scale for tracking each step.57.

FitExercise with step-metric and step-counter tracking,calorie counter and calorie-meter for recording calorie counts (calorie and calorie meter).58.

FitLeap with a stepmetron for the Leap tracker andcalorie meter tracking.59.

FitFlex with step tracking, calorie counter and analog scale for recording the steps you take for measuring the steps and calorie.60.

FitFit with step tracker tracking with step metrics,calibration andcalibre for measuring calorie count.61.

FitReactive with step Tracker tracking and scale and sensor tracker tracking to log the steps.62.

FitRadar with steptrack,calibrator and sensor track to track the steps