Amazon.com: Amazon Prime members can pay $99 per year to stream movies, TV shows, music and more on Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video.

The company has announced a $100,000 giveaway, with eligible members getting $500 off.


Dell: Dell has partnered with the Red Sox to offer discounted merchandise at the ballpark, including $250 Dell Dell computers.


Microsoft: Microsoft is offering a $2,500 bonus to new Microsoft employees who work on the new Surface Pro tablet and Surface Pro 3 tablet with Windows 10.


Apple: Apple is offering employees the chance to receive free iPad Pro with the purchase of a new iPad Pro.


T-Mobile: T-Mo has partnered up with Target to give employees a $20 gift card to Target stores and online and gift cards.


eBay: eBay will be giving away $50 Amazon gift cards to employees in the US. 4.

Target: Target will be offering free orders of its $49.99 Surface Pro and Surface Book to employees who sign up for its $99 Surface Book Pro and $199 Surface Pro 4 with a Target credit card.


Google: Google will be handing out a $25 Google Card at all of its stores.


Verizon Wireless: Verizon will be sharing $50 Google Card vouchers to employees at its U.S. Cellular stores.


Apple Inc.: Apple is rolling out a new iPhone 7 with a new display and a better camera.

2 .

Apple: The Apple Watch has been officially released to the public.

1 .

Microsoft: Cortana will be able to speak to the Apple TV, Windows 10 and other Windows devices.

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