The city has just awarded $15 million to the developer behind a golf course that would replace the existing greenway in Brookside.

It’s one of three $9 million projects approved by city council this month that includes a greenway, greenhouses and other infrastructure improvements.

Brookside Mayor Doug Moore says the new project, called Brookside Greenway, will improve the recreational, environmental and economic value of Brookline.

“This is a tremendous addition to our community,” he said.

The project is part of a $45-million initiative to improve the environment in Brookline, which is about 30 kilometres south of Vancouver.

The first of the $45 million projects includes the creation of a new greenway.

It will create a five-metre-wide greenway that will connect to the existing trail at the corner of Brookdale Avenue and Main Street.

Moore says this will give Brookside a “much better sense of how far and how far apart the community is.”

“This will give the people of Brookland an opportunity to have that opportunity to experience a golf tournament,” he added.

The greenway is expected to cost around $8 million, but will be paid for with private funds.

Moore said he hopes to find private partners for the project in the next three to five years.

“We want to be able to build this greenway with private investment,” he noted.

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