How to use the caterpillar to fix your car, home

If you’ve ever seen an alligator caterpillar on a vehicle, you’ve seen the potential for this creature to become a lifesaver.Caterpillars, which are a type of parasitic wasp, are used by humans to clean up the messes left behind by plants.But if you’ve got one on your car’s bumper, it can help remove all sorts […]

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Why does the world’s largest medical supply chain pay the highest prices for its supplies?

Here are the top 10 countries that are spending the most on medical equipment rental in the world:1.USA (1,717)2.USA3.Russia4.India5.Germany6.Switzerland7.Canada8.China9.France10.AustraliaSource: IHS Global Insight/NPD Group, 2015Source: International Business Times/DigitalGlobe, 2017The US is at the top of the list, followed by the UK, China and India.The countries in the middle are Germany, France, India, Brazil and China.2.The United […]

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