Why are Australian fishermen taking their own risks?

The latest in a string of scandals involving the men and their businesses, which have seen the head of the industry and the man in charge of the federal government come under intense pressure to resign.The latest scandal involves the seizure of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment by a group of men […]

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How to make a medical instrument that’s 100% safe and painless

You don’t need to have a fancy medical instrument or make your own to make your life easier and less stressful.If you don’t have a medical device, the following simple steps will help you make one for yourself: 1.Find the cheapest, best quality medical device you can find.If it’s something you need, like a device […]

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Why I went rogue fitness equipment

The word “rogue” is not usually associated with fitness equipment.But a few years ago, the US government and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came out with an edict that would allow the sale of outdoor equipment that is not certified by the FMA. I got my first outdoor equipment in the early 80s and […]

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