The world’s top car wash equipment is getting smarter

Exercise equipment, car wash hardware and the rest of the gear you need for your home and office are getting smarter, thanks to a new generation of wearable sensors that are tracking what you’re doing.Here are some of the new smartwear gadgets that are getting smart.Here’s a rundown of the smartwear gadget categories that are […]

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When Your Fitness Gear Is Not Your Own, It’s Your Fault

When your fitness equipment is not your own, it’s your fault.So what can you do about it? And, more importantly, what should you do if you think your fitness gear is not in order? We spoke to several fitness gear experts to find out what you can do about your equipment’s missing pieces.If you own an old […]

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Which sport equipment is worth buying?

Power equipment is the most important piece of equipment you should buy.But, the first step is deciding which sport is right for you.With the popularity of indoor and outdoor basketball, baseball and softball, and the advent of smart phones and smart watches, there are plenty of options available.And when you consider the high-end features you […]

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