Why your equipment needs to get heavier

Heavy equipment like generators and water mains must be designed to withstand an earthquake, according to a US government report published on Wednesday.The USGS, the government agency that oversees earthquake safety, said in a report that it had reviewed more than 5,000 reports of the 2011 San Andreas Fault shaking.“We have documented the risks associated […]

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The city of Brookside has just been awarded $14 million for a new golf course in North Vancouver

The city has just awarded $15 million to the developer behind a golf course that would replace the existing greenway in Brookside.It’s one of three $9 million projects approved by city council this month that includes a greenway, greenhouses and other infrastructure improvements.Brookside Mayor Doug Moore says the new project, called Brookside Greenway, will improve […]

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How to Get Rid of Bunnies from a Bunnys’ Nest

You may have heard of a common nuisance known as bunny droppings, which can come in all shapes and sizes and cause significant health and safety concerns.It is a common complaint that people in your neighbourhood are complaining of a sticky or sticky-smelling bunnies nest, and they are sometimes even surprised to discover they are […]

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How to use the brook side of your house to help you sleep

Brookside Equipment is offering its own sleep aids for the homeless. Its brook sides are designed to offer some relief for those with colds and other ailments, and also to aid in sleep by reducing the amount of time the body spends in the cold.The company has been offering its brook-side products since the 1970s, and […]

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