Engadgets title iPad Pro is finally here article Engamestore article Engagement, the online retailer that specializes in iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air and iPhone accessories, is announcing a new iPad Pro 14-inch notebook with a 2TB hard drive.

The 13-incher comes with a new camera and more RAM than the current Pro 12-inch models.

Apple also announced a new 10-inch iPad Pro that will be available in December.

Apple announced its iPad Pro line of devices at its Macworld conference in January, with the new 13- and 14-inchers expected to debut in the coming weeks.

The new iPad Pros, codenamed “13”, will have a 13-megapixels sensor and an “exotic” 12-Megapixel camera with optical image stabilization.

That means that Apple’s first iPad Pro will be smaller than its current iPad Pro, with a 13.3mm thinness, and it will also have an upgraded processor, with more processing power.

Apple also announced that the new iPad will come in two colors: black and white, but those are only available to buyers who order via the Apple Online Store.

It will cost $999 when it launches, with an option for a $1,299 option.

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