President Donald Trump took aim at the manufacturing sector on Monday, tweeting that companies like Lano and Caterpillar and its parent company Caterpillar have “nothing to fear” from his administration.

“We have nothing to fear, folks,” Trump tweeted.

“I am doing what I said I would do, and we will get it done.”

The White House said Trump was “stoking a false narrative” that the industry is in “tatters” amid a Trump administration crackdown on business outsourcing.

The White House press secretary said Monday that the president “doesn’t believe companies are hurting themselves” by outsourcing.

“They’re not hurting themselves.

They’re hurting our country.

They have nothing whatsoever to fear,” Sean Spicer said.

Trump’s tweet came after Lano told Reuters on Tuesday that it is “unlikely” the Trump administration would take any action against Lano for outsourcing in the U.S. “We’re not going to have any more delays,” the company said.

“It’s going to be a lot easier for us.”

Caterpillar, which has been lobbying the Trump White House for years to remove the U:A:M:F:F from the U-turn, told Reuters that it was “shocked” by Trump’s tweet.

“That’s really disappointing, especially given the good relationship that we have with the president and the way he has treated us over the years,” Caterpillar spokesperson Kristin Wiebe told Reuters.

“There’s a lot of people out there that really care about the U., a lot about the job and the American worker.”CATLANTIC’S CATERPILLAR DEVELOPMENT IN NEW YORK CITY Trump took to Twitter on Monday to accuse the nation’s largest company of outsourcing in New York City.

“Caterpillars Caterpillar announced that they are putting a $3 billion investment into a new manufacturing facility in New Jersey, to build a new generation of equipment,” Trump wrote.

“This new plant will create up to 15,000 direct and indirect jobs.

This plant will also bring many new technologies to the American workforce.””

Cater Pillars Caterpillars announcement is an outrageous and unwise thing to do,” Trump added.

“The U.A.

M:M.F. has never outsourced jobs.

The U.

F:A.F., a corporation with no political agenda, outsources everything from production to sales to distribution.

That’s the American way.

No politician wants to stand in the way of that.”TRUMP’S NEW YORK DEMOCRATS TRUMP’S latest tweet is the latest salvo in a campaign against Trump’s New York Democrats, who have seized on the outsourcing story and pushed back against a new round of Democratic presidential endorsements from former President Barack Obama.

A spokeswoman for Democratic New York Rep. Ruben Diaz told Politico on Tuesday the new endorsements from the Obama administration “are an attempt to distract from the real problem facing New York: The lack of affordable health care for the working class.”

Trump has previously criticized Democrats and their allies in Congress for focusing on outsourcing, but the latest tweets from the president’s administration highlight his continued attacks on the New York establishment.

In October, Trump tweeted, “The Democrats are the party of outsourcing, not the American people.”

The U:H:F.

issue has dogged Trump’s administration in recent weeks, as the president has repeatedly said the industry would not be able to meet new domestic demand for goods made in the United States.

In January, Trump ordered the U,A:F.:F.

to stop manufacturing goods made overseas, after the company refused to comply with a ban on outsourcing.

Last week, Trump called Caterpillar’s announcement a “major win” for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has criticized Trump for not doing enough to clamp down on the “totally rigged economy.”

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