Cazenova is due to take part in the Milan derby against Lazio in October, the Italian press are reporting.

The Serie A side is to auction a number of items in preparation for the game, including a number the club are considering to wear during the contest. 

The Italian media claim that the players will wear the number 11 jersey worn by the club’s previous team, AC Milan, in the game.

The number 11 is used by players from both clubs and is the same number worn by current Milan players.

The news comes after AC Milan’s victory against Roma in the Serie A title match in May. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity to give our fans a taste of the kind of competition that we will have,” Milan President Adriano Galliani said.

“We have already prepared the equipment that we are going to use for the Milan Derby.

The items we are preparing for the match are all unique and very important.” 

A number of Milan players have previously worn the number 7 jersey worn in Serie A. Earlier in the season, Milan’s coach Antonio Conte also wore the number 6 jersey during his side’s 5-2 win over Roma in Serie B.