A pair of Israeli military intelligence satellites are being investigated for possible breaches of Israeli defense rules and equipment, a senior military source told The Jerusalem News.

The probe, which is expected to take months, is likely to include a look at the use of satellite communications, as well as a review of the satellite communications system in the field.

The sources said the probe is expected the result of an examination of the launch and deployment of the Israel Aerospace Industries satellites.

It was not immediately clear whether the probe would include an investigation into the Israeli military’s satellite communications systems.

The military source did not provide details on the investigation, but did say that “there are indications that the military is using satellite communications to communicate with an unknown enemy.”

The two satellites, known as Orb-2, were launched on April 5 from a site in the northern Gaza Strip.

The first satellite, called Orb-1, is used to send and receive data.

The second satellite, known by the designation Orb-3, is meant to provide coverage for Israeli forces in the southern Gaza Strip, and is also used to relay communications to the Israel Defense Forces.

In a statement, the Israel Space Agency said that the probe will examine the satellites’ systems for any “irregularities or problems” and “look for anomalies in the satellites and their data processing.”

The Israel Aerospace Forces did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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