As baseball’s new winter training center opens for business, baseball players will begin the first of many long-term assignments at the facility.

The facility, located in the parking lot of an office building in nearby Westchester, will be the home of baseball’s winter training complex for 2020, the first major-league baseball facility to be built by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

The complex, which opened in October 2015, will offer a training environment for the entire major league season, with the first players to begin training there getting a look at the facilities capabilities during spring training.

It is expected to cost $1.5 billion to build and house the facility, which is being built by construction and finance firm Pavement Partners and the Westchester Development Corporation, which has a contract to build it.

As part of the project, MLBPA President Theo Epstein and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred are expected to be in attendance during the opening ceremonies and other events in the complex, where the first winter ball game will be played in 2021.

The Westchester complex is being developed by Pavements partner and former MLBPA executive John Lasseter.

A few years ago, Epstein said the complex would be the biggest baseball training center in the world, but today he said it would be a “very small piece” of a $5 billion facility.

“This is the first thing that really comes to mind when you think of baseball,” Epstein said, according to ESPN.

“The idea of building a new facility and getting it to this scale is really unique.

The players are going to be working together, with different groups of players.

It will be a big step in the right direction.”

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