Posted September 01, 2018 08:48:19When you buy your northern tools, you’re buying into a company’s belief that its products are the best, or at least the best for the job at hand.

The company will be honest about that, though it will always make a point to tell you the truth.

It may have a few caveats, but its products will always be built on top of what we know about what happens to the earth, water, and minerals in the northern hemisphere.

For the first time in the history of the northern tool industry, there is a new generation of tools being made in northern New Zealand, with the likes of the Kwik-E-Matic and Muddy Tool Company in the process of introducing their first Northern Tool Products (NTP).

These new products are intended to address the problems the industry is facing from the overuse of mining tools, the environmental degradation caused by overuse, and a lack of good quality control.

In this series of articles, we’ll be exploring the various products in the new generation and what they can do to help our region and the world.