A week after the last kibble is gone, the best way to use it is to eat it, research suggests.

In the United States, where kibble was introduced in the 1990s, about a quarter of Americans have eaten more than their daily quota of the food, and some people eat more than half of their daily recommended intake, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The food is also known as soft drinks, soft drink mix or sugary drinks and is often eaten at lunch or dinner.

It is estimated that in the US, about 1.5 billion kilograms of kibbles were eaten last year.

The research found that people who eat the majority of their kibbits during the day, or those who tend to eat their own kibbs, were more likely to eat more kibbly during the week, when people tend to be more active and have more time to eat.

“There are some differences in how people eat kibbled food during the first week of life, but we don’t see any difference in whether they eat the whole meal, just part of it, according the researchers,” Dr Michael J. Miller, an associate professor of nutrition and nutrition sciences at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, told the ABC.

While there is no data available to tell whether these differences are related to the age of a child, Miller said there may be an underlying biological basis.

People who are active during the early months of life may be more likely than people who are less active to get sick.

And as they age, children who are obese may eat more of the soft drinks that have the same nutritional value as those that are less overweight, he said.

Miller said the findings could also have implications for obesity-related illnesses, including diabetes and hypertension.

Dr Karen Binder, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition and metabolism at the University of Iowa, said the results were important for people looking to avoid unhealthy choices when they think about soft drinks.

“It’s really important to eat a healthy balanced diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and we know that children have an advantage over adults on weight, but it’s also important to understand that obesity can be linked to many other health problems including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, type 3 diabetes and metabolic syndrome,” Dr Binder said.

“There’s been a lot of attention on soft drinks and people have been eating more of them.

But they’re also very low in calories, so they’re not really a good choice when you’re trying to lose weight.”

The study looked at 3,942 US children aged between five and 17 who were followed for 10 months between December 2014 and May 2015.

According to the researchers, adults who ate a majority of kobbles during the last week were less likely to be overweight compared with those who did not.

More than one in five people who ate at least one serving of soft drinks were obese.

When it came to overall obesity, those who ate most of their food at lunch and dinner were significantly more likely for that group to be obese.

They also ate more calories than the other groups, even though they did not eat the bulk of their meals.

Dr Miller said he was not surprised by the results, but he was concerned about the implications.

“People who eat a lot are also at higher risk of developing chronic disease, and I think the association of eating a lot with obesity is very, very strong,” he said, adding that the results may not translate into a healthier diet for all people.

He said people who tended to eat kibble during the summer could also benefit from keeping their kibble clean.

“If you do eat a bunch of soft foods at the beginning of the summer, it may be a good idea to do that throughout the summer so you don’t have a spike in the consumption of kabobs,” he explained.

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