You may have heard of a common nuisance known as bunny droppings, which can come in all shapes and sizes and cause significant health and safety concerns.

It is a common complaint that people in your neighbourhood are complaining of a sticky or sticky-smelling bunnies nest, and they are sometimes even surprised to discover they are allergic to it.

But what is a bunny dropper?

What are they?

What can you do to help reduce the spread of the problem?

This is the third of three parts of our series about rabbit allergies, the other two are What You Need to Know About Rabbit Allergy and How to Treat Rabbit Allergies.

If you would like more information on rabbit allergies or how to treat rabbit allergies visit the Bunnying Allergy website.

Read more about rabbit allergy:How to get rid of a bunny’s nestWhat is a rabbit dropperWhat is the problemWhat can you know about rabbit allergyWhat to do if you have a bunnyAllergy symptoms include:Redness and swelling of the eyes, nose, lips, tongue, ears, and pawsWhat can be done if you suspect a bunnyDropping droppings from the nestHow to prevent a bunny from getting into a bunnys nestWhen to get tested and treatedIf you have any of these symptoms or are worried you might be allergic, see our bunny allergy guide.

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