What if your life is just a few years old?

That’s the question being raised by two researchers in the UK, as they look to determine whether or not an old pair of ski boots will last as long as a new one.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, looked at the durability of ski boot designs made in the United Kingdom over time.

Their findings are the latest evidence that, with a few tweaks, a pair of snowboard boots can keep on getting better.

While the study’s findings aren’t definitive, the authors of the study are optimistic.

They’ve taken the time to design a series of tests that were designed to simulate the wear and tear of an everyday winter sport activity.

“We have been looking at the wear of the boot to see if it is going to wear out over time,” Dr. Jonathan Pfeifer, the lead author of the British study, told Engadgette.

“It’s the wear over time that’s going to be the biggest concern.”

The team of researchers tested their snowboard boot designs using a number of different materials and conditions, including running, skiing, snowboarding, and walking.

They then ran the boots through various stress tests, such as walking on a frozen surface, snowboarding, and running, before testing them for durability.

The results of their testing came back with a number.

The average lifespan of the boots they tested was just four years.

This is the same longevity as a pair that had worn out within five years, according to the authors.

While this doesn’t sound like much of a deal, the longevity of a pair is a critical consideration for the average person looking to get their boots replaced.

In fact, they are often the first thing that people consider when looking at a pair.

In fact, the researchers say, there’s no need to wait until a person is 70 years old to see the results of a new ski boot.

While it’s difficult to compare the lifespan of two different ski boots made at different ages, the research showed that the longevity gains that occur with wear and use over time are still worth it.

“What we found was that the lifespan was actually improved by three years and the lifespan is now better than the lifespan that we expected,” Dr Pfeefer said.

The durability of the new boots was even better than expected, with the researchers noting that the boots still had a life expectancy of at least three years, and it was longer than expected for most other footwear designs.

The new ski boots were designed by American ski brand Snowshoe and are available for purchase in stores nationwide.

If you’re interested in getting a pair, check out their store page to learn more about the product.

The researchers say they think this study has the potential to have an impact on people’s decision to buy ski boots.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure that people put on themselves to buy something that is going, ‘I’ll be wearing it forever,'” Dr Pfifer said.

“And I think there are a lot people who are going to want to buy them and feel they can wear them for years.”

If you’re looking to make sure your boots last as much as possible, consider this: While a new snowboard might last for years, a new skis might only last for a few weeks.

The key is to make the decision to spend some extra money on a pair with the best durability.