HOGANVILLE, Victoria — As the sun sets on the Australian capital, a group of men are walking along the dusty, dusty streets of the city’s old town, a place where many people live.

It is a place many say has been the setting for many paranormal encounters.

In one case, a woman told police she was approached by a man who asked her to go to a bar.

Her friend, who was also in the bar, said she was given $300 in cash and a fake ID and she went with the man to a nearby house.

A witness told police the man was wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and jeans.

When he exited the house, he was seen standing on a roof looking down on the crowd.

The witness said he thought the man looked like he had a cigarette.

He said he told the man that it was “unusual” to be standing there looking down at people and asked him if he had seen anything suspicious.

The witness said the man told him no.

When the woman got back home, she called police and they searched for the man and found him dead.

His name was John L. Smith, and he had been walking on the outskirts of the town, police said.

The incident was caught on camera.

The woman’s friend, whose name has not been released, said he was not a stranger and that the man had never been to the town before.

Police said they are aware of other sightings of people in the town.

They said the woman’s friends said they were unaware of any strange occurrences in the area.

They are asking anyone who has any information about the man’s death to contact Crime Stoppers.

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