Exercise equipment used in the home has become a lucrative industry, with retailers selling exercise equipment from companies such as Fitbit, Nike, and Fitbit Flex.

Here’s a look at the various types of exercise equipment that you can buy online and at home.

The most common exercise equipment used at home An Australian Fitness Trainer (AFT) is a fitness instructor who is paid by a client to offer exercise training.

The average AFT is paid about $3,000 a year and the average fee is about $20 per hour.

A trainer can also offer exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, kettlebells, and dumbbells for about $1,000 to $3 of an hour.

There are a number of other equipment options available for purchase, including equipment for indoor fitness, gym membership, or just a general exercise facility.

For the most part, it is generally cheaper to buy a gym membership than it is to buy exercise equipment.

Fitness equipment used for work and sport There are a variety of different kinds of exercise gear for use in the workplace, including elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, treadmills, and power weights.

There’s also a wide variety of exercise machines and stationary machines, as well as some stationary machines.

An exercise machine is generally designed to work on different exercises.

For example, it can be used for running, biking, swimming, or weight training.

There is also an elliptical trainer that works on the movement of your lower back.

You can also buy stationary bike machines that are designed to help you run faster.

These machines are often very expensive.

For instance, the Nautilus Bike machine costs $7,500 and the Strava Power Trainer costs $9,000.

Other equipment used to enhance exercise performance There’s a lot of equipment that can be bought that can enhance the performance of a particular type of exercise.

For exercise equipment for working out and for sports such as swimming and skiing, there are various types.

Some exercise equipment can be added to the body during exercise, such as an exercise ball or a treadmill.

In addition, some equipment can enhance your ability to work out for longer periods of time, such the elliptical machine or a weight training machine.

Many fitness equipment manufacturers offer training videos and courses that you watch on the Internet.

For many of these products, there’s also an optional online program.

If you’re interested in buying exercise equipment online, there may be a way to get a deal that will get you the most value out of it.

If you do decide to purchase exercise equipment on the cheap, you can always shop around for the best deals.

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This article was originally published on November 21, 2018.