Australia’s tech startup has raised $20m from investors including Apple and Amazon.

The company, called AirSoda, has developed a smartphone app that connects customers to solar-powered water bottles and other energy-efficient products.

The app can be used to track and compare solar energy usage, as well as save energy in the evenings, the company said in a blog post.

AirSodas CEO Alex MacGregor said the company was working to improve its software so it could “provide a better understanding of what’s being done with energy and how much we are saving”.

“With our app, customers can access data on their own and track their own energy usage using AirSods’ proprietary system,” he said.

“Customers can also choose from our SolarWatch app, which lets them monitor the solar output of their home or office.”

The app is being developed in partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which is the regulator for Australian solar energy.

Mr MacGregors said he hoped to eventually sell the app to customers and had secured a major US investment in the process.

He said the app could be a key part of a new wave of solar-related products in Australia.

“We’re building the best possible app to help consumers in Australia use energy effectively,” Mr Macgregor said.